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One day nerds will rule the world!
...seriously, I'm not joking! xP



Ryumaru Takehshi
Yes, I pray

Favourite genre of music: J-pop, J-rock, K-pop, K-rock
Favourite style of art: Anime, manga
Skin of choice: Death note skin by: Little-Vampire (you're awesome!)
Favourite cartoon character: Girls: Rukia Kuchiki and Haruhi Fujioka FTW! Guys: Itsuki Koizumi and Takeda Ikki!
Personal Quote: "The weak are washed away by the tides of fate, the strong just drink it up" ~ Godot
  • Listening to: Meikyuu Butterfly
  • Reading: My own story... (If u want to know, u have 2 ask!)
  • Watching: Ice Age 3 LOL XD
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (2nd case)
  • Eating: Meatloaf...
  • Drinking: Chocolate Milk
YES! It's almost time for my long awaited birthday! (That's November 28, you got it?) I'm gonna have like 18 of my 'closest' friends come over to chill for six hours at my house; and if you knew some of my friends... it may not be a great thing... But, whatever!
To celebrate my EPIK (yes, that's how I spell epik) birthday; and to celebrate anyone else who's birthday is coming up, I'm going to list anime character birthdays (If you see a character that has your birthday, feel happy, it's a good thing to know!)
At the end of every list there is a birthday greeting to (me) and everyone else who is celebrating: HAPPY BIRTHDAY from ninjagirl999 and all of these anime characters!
I'll mention this now: My birthday is one day after Rock Lee's from Naruto (Yay?)

Some Character Birthdays in Bleach:
bleach Pictures, Images and Photos
January 1st - Yoruichi Shihouin
January 14th - Rukia Kuchiki
January 21st - Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai
January 30th - Mayuri Kurotsuchi
January 31st - Byakuya Kuchiki
February 11th - Soifon
February 12th - Yachiru Kusajishi
February 29th - Yasochika Iemura
March 14th - Ryuken Ishida
March 22nd - Soken Ishida
March 27th - Izuru Kira
March 30th - Nemu Kurotsuchi
April 1st - Keigo Asano
April 1st - Hanataro Yamada
April 7th - Yasutora Sado (Chad)
April 14th - Harunobu Ogido
April 21st - Retsu Unohana
May 5th - Marechiyo Omaeda
May 6th - Yuzu and Karin
May 29th - Sosuke Aizen
June 9th - Masaki Kurosaki
June 3rd - Momo Hinamori
July 7th - Ichigo Kurosaki
July 7th - Nanao Ise
July 11th - Shunsui Kyoraku
July 17th - Tatsuki Arisawa
July 18th - Tetsuzaemon Iba
August 2nd - Isane Kotetsu
August 14th - Shuhei Hisagi
August 23rd - Sajin Komamura
August 31st - Renji Abarai
September 3rd - Orihime Inoue
September 10th - Gin Ichimaru
September 19th - Yumichika Ayasegawa
September 29th - Rangiku Matsumoto
October 15th - Ganju Shiba
October 27th - Kaien Shiba
November 4th - Chojiro Sasakibe
November 6th - Uryuu Ishida
November 9th - Ikkaku Madarame
November 13th - Kaname Tosen
November 19th - Kenpachi Zaraki
December 10th - Isshin Kurosaki
December 20th - Toshiro Hitsugaya
December 21st - Jushiro Ukitake
December 31st - Kisuke Urahara
Anime Motivational Pictures, Images and Photos

Next is the Ouran High School Host Club Birthdays:
ouran group Pictures, Images and Photos
February 4th - Haruhi Fujioka
February 29th - Mitsukini Huninozuka (LOL Huni-senpai's birthday is on leap-year; that's why he's like a little kid)
April 9th - Tamaki Suou
May 5th - Takahshi Morninozuka
June 9th - Hikaru Hitachiin
June 9th - Kaoru Hitachiin
November 22nd - Kyouya Otoori
ouran Pictures, Images and Photos

Next, some Shugo Chara Birthdays:
shugo chara group Pictures, Images and Photos
February 6th - Rima Mashiro
March 29th - Tadase Hotori
May 25th - Yuiki Yaya
July 4th - Nadeshiko Fujisaki
July 4th - Nagihiko Fujisaki
August 17th - Kukai Souma
September 18th - Yuu Nikaidou
September 24th - Amu Hinamori
November 9th - Utau Hoshina
December 1st - Ikuto Tsukiyomi
happy bir Pictures, Images and Photos

And some Hayate no Gotoku Birthdays:
hayate no gotoku Pictures, Images and Photos
January 9th - Kyonosuke Kaoru
March 3rd - Hinagiku Katsura
April 3rd - Sakuya Aizawa
April 18th - Klaus Seishirou
May 3rd - Eight
May 15th - Ayumu Nishizawa
June 17th - Saki Kijima
June 21st - Izumi Segawa
June 24th - Koutarou Azumamiya
July 4th - Himuro Saeki
July 13th - Riza Asakaze
August 12th - Kaede Nonohara
August 30th - Wataru Tachibana
September 9th - Miki Hanabishi
September 24th - Isumi Saginomiya
September 29th - Taiga Ookouchi
October 20th - Shiori Makimura
November 10th - Yukiji Katsura
November 11th - Hayate Ayasaki
December 3rd - Nagi Sanzenin
December 24th - Maria
Happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

I don't know if anyone knows this but: Gate Keepers Birthdays! *Couldn't find a greeting for this one either sorry again!*
gate keepers Pictures, Images and Photos
January 1, 1952 – Reiko Asagiri
February 4, 1945 – Keiko Ochiai (Secretary)
February 18, 1954 – Megane
February 25, 1959 – Saemi Ukiya
March 3, 1957 – Fen Feirin
March 18, 1946- Jim Skylark
April 4, 1952 – Ruriko Ikusawa
April 26, 1952 – Reiji Kageyama
July 14, 1169 – Yukino Houjou
July 16, 1952 – Shun Ukiya
July 31, 1953 – Kaoru Konoe
August 15, 1927 – Shirei Choukan
September 20, 1953 – Francine Allumage
September 29, 1952 – Megumi Kurogane
October 3, 1952 – Choutarou Banba
October 19, 1949 – Jun Thunders
November 15, 1952 – Misao Sakimori

And Naruto Birthdays:
naruto ppls Pictures, Images and Photos
January 1st — Gai
January 2nd — Iwashi Tatami
January 6th — Ebizo
January 8th — Hiashi Hyuga
January 8th -- Hizashi Hyuga
January 9th — Haku
January 19th — Gaara
January 23rd — Shino Aburame
February 2nd — Yoroi
February 8th — Sarutobi, Hokage the Third
February 12th — Hanzou
Febuary 20th — Yahiko
February 21st — Yoroi Akadou
February 29th — Kabuto Yakushi
March 8th — Ebisu-Sensei
March 9th — Tenten
March 18th — Kisame
March 20th — Ibiki Morino
March 27th — Hanabi Hyuga
March 28th — Sakura Haruno
March 29th — Kazekage
April 2nd — Hidan
May 1st — Chouji Akimichi
May 8th — Homura Mitokado
May 15th — Kankuro
May 26th — Iruka Umino
June 6th – Meizu
June 9th — Itachi Uchiha
June 11th — Kurenai Yuuhi
June 12th — Kinuta Dosu
July 3rd — Neji Hyuga
July 4th— Baki
July 6th — Tsuchi Kin
July 7th — Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru
July 17th — Genma Shiranui
July 21st — Kotetsu Hagane
July 23rd — Sasuke Uchiha
July 10th — Yamato(Tenzo)
August 2nd — Tsunade, Hokage the Fifth
August 15th — Zabuza Momochi
August 23rd — Temari
August 28th — Raido Namiashi
September 1st — Koharu Utatane
September 3rd — Aoba
September 14th — Abumi Zaku
September 15th — Kakashi Hatake
September 19th — Nagato, Pein
September 22nd — Shikamaru Nara
September 23rd — Ino Yamanaka
October 10th — Naruto Uzumaki
October 15th — Chiyo
October 18th — Asuma Sarutobi
October 19th — Suzume
October 21st — Mizuki
October 24th — Anko Mitarashi
October 27th — Orochimaru
November 2nd — Hayate Gekkou
November 5th — Daimyo of the Land of Wind
November 11th — Jiraiya
November 15th – Mubi
November 16th – Kagari
November 25th — Sai
November 25th — Izumo Kamizuki
November 27th — Rock Lee
November 30th – Misumi
December 20th – Oboro
December 24th – Madara
December 27th — Hinata Hyuga
December 30th — Konohamaru
Naruto Pictures, Images and Photos

Final Fantasy 7 birthdays:
crisis core cover Pictures, Images and Photos
February 22nd - Aerith Gainsborough
February 22nd - Cid Highwind
May 3rd - Tifa Lockhart
August 19th - Cloud Strife
October 13th - Vincent Valentine
November 20th - Yuffie Kisaragi
December 15th - Barret Wallace
Happy birthday Aerith! Pictures, Images and Photos

I had a request for FMA birthdays but I'm sorry I couldn't find many! I did get Ed's "unofficial birthday if anyone's interested, but If I fine any others, I'll put them up:
Full Metal Alchem Pictures, Images and Photos
Edward Elric: February 3 1899
Happy Birthday by Fullmetal Alchemist Pictures, Images and Photos

If I find more dates, I'll put them on; but for now, enjoy these other birthday greetings:
Birthday Haruhi Pictures, Images and Photos
Happy Birthday!~ Pictures, Images and Photos
Happy Birthday! Inuyasha Style! Pictures, Images and Photos
death note birthday l Pictures, Images and Photos
anime happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
Anime Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
Lacus birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
Happy Birthday phoenix Wright Pictures, Images and Photos
One piece Pictures, Images and Photos
SHaman King Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos



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